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Spot track

Spot track

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Technical | Spotlights and Tracks

cod. 229720

["Metal base","frame and diffusers finished with matt varnish and chrome details. Adjustable diffusers. Available finishes: white or black."]

L 60 x H 175 x P 80 mm
GU10 max 1 x 50W

Bulb included

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Spot collection


Products of the collection

cod. 269634

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L 60 x H 175 x P 80 mm

cod. 115481

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L 120 x H 150 x P 130 mm

cod. 156736

Spot ap2 arrowIcon

L 365 x H 115 x P 130 mm

cod. 156774

Spot pl4 arrowIcon

L 305 x H 130 x P 305 mm

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